If you are searching for stylish eco-friendly garage doors, then the composite recycled wood garage doors that Precision Overhead Garage Service of Virginia Beach, VA offers our Hampton Roads customers are for you.

Advantages of Recycled Wood Garage Doors

Some of the advantages of the secure, eco-friendly composite wood garage doors Precision Door Service of Virginia Beach offers to our Hampton Roads, VA customers, include:


If you want to "go Green" with your garage door, you will love our eco-friendly composite garage doors. Not only are composite wood garage doors made from 100% recycled wood – conserving precious natural resources – but these doors are often filled with insulation. This added insulation creates a more energy-efficient home – further protecting resources (and keeping your energy bill down).

Easy Upkeep

Solid wood garage doors can be elegant, but often require regular sanding and painting to maintain their look. Our composite recycled wood garage doors utilize innovative technology to combine the appearance of solid wood with the durability of a steel garage door, making them a low-maintenance option with the wood look.

Made from recycled wood fibers and resin or polymers, often over steel, composite wood doors are durable – they will not dent or rust. Also, unlike traditional wood doors, composite wood garage doors are lighter and do not crack, split, warp, or rot.

Style Options

The composite material of these eco-friendly garage doors allow them to be designed in various styles, including estate-style doors and carriage-style doors. Other design features of recycled wood garage doors include:
  • Recessed panels
  • Traditional raised panels
  • Contemporary flush panels
  • Distinctive window designs
  • Customization with decorative hardware
  • Ready-to-paint composite wood to match your home

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The composite recycled garage doors available from Precision Door Service of Virginia Beach make your home not only more eco-friendly, but also more stylish. For more information, please contact us today.