All About Our Trusted Adviser

Trusted Adviser… what is that? Who is that?

What is a Trusted Adviser? A Trusted Adviser with Precision Garage Door is someone who is tasked with being the primary expert regarding the doors we carry, who can help a customer select the best door possible for their home and who can help a customer through the process – from the moment he arrives at your home until the moment the door is installed.

Our Trusted Adviser is who we send to your home when you state that you need a new garage door. Our Trusted Adviser is who we trust to walk you through the garage door process.

The Trusted Adviser for Precision Garage Door is Clint Faber. Clint was promoted to a Service Technician in 2015, and then promoted to the position of Trusted Adviser in 2017. Clint is a painter and photographer. His creative side is what led him to wanting to help clients choose the proper door for their home.

Clint loves to go fishing, boating and hiking. He is an avid camper – if you need to know of great places to camp, be sure to ask Clint!

With his happy and outgoing personality, Clint has truly taken his role as Trusted Adviser to the highest level!

Call us today at 757-399-7500 to schedule your appointment with Clint. He will help you find the best garage door for your home.

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