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Attractive, Efficient and Available.. I’m betting that you never thought that would be the headline of an article about garage doors. The new Eco Energy Series that Precision Garage Door is offering is all that and more. With an R-Value of 13.45 (600 Series) or 16.18 (700 Series), and a large selection of panel styles and windows, you simply cannot go wrong.

Attractive? Absolutely. One of the first benefits to the Eco-Energy Series is the ability to make the door either a traditional, modern or carriage style door simply by selecting the right panels. The Eco Energy Series allows you to not only select a variety of panel styles and windows… it also provides you with a wide variety of color choices! From Polar white to Cool Black – the Eco Energy series has a much wider variety of colors than you may expect.

Efficient? Of Course. These doors provide maximum energy efficiency with CFC Free polyurethane insulation. The doors have a full thermal break used in the tongue and groove area. The rigid vinyl top and bottom caps seal the joints and eliminate metal to metal contact, which limits the transfer of temperature.

Available? YES! Most of these doors can be in house within two weeks. When they ship to us, they are packaged in a way that makes factory & transportation related dings and dents a minimal risk. You can see the level of care taken with each and every panel.

Are you ready? Precision Garage Door can even take a picture you send in of your home and impose the garage door YOU have been thinking about on it… we can let you see what the door will look like!

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