Clean it out!

Time to clear it out and Clean it up?

Do you walk into your garage wondering what you could be doing with so much stuff? So many of us
have that problem… Boxes of holiday decorations, bicycles we haven’t ridden in years… tools that have
served us well but are simply stacked up on a workbench. There has to be a better way!

There is! Here are a few fantastic organizing tips that really work:

1. First things first, let’s see what you are keeping in there! It is time to pull everything out and
start 3 piles:
a. KEEP pile should have everything you know you aren’t ready to lose just yet
b. TRASH pile should have everything you know that no one will have a use for
i. Call a pick up service like Junk King to come get it all!
c. SELL/DONATE pile should have everything you want to either sell at a yard sale or
donate to a charity

2. Now that the garage is cleared out, it’s time to figure out what you want to do with all of this
new space! Do you need a crafting area? Is the garage primarily for the car(s)?
a. Bringing in an expert is a great idea at this point. Someone like Garage Experts, who
specialize in garage flooring, cabinets and storage can really help you get a handle on
your space! (

3. Use that vertical and ceiling space. Think about it… you aren’t typically hanging paintings in your
garage. Use all of that wonderful wall space for a variety of storage systems. This can help keep
your tools and treasures off the floor and organized in a way that will make your life that much


Jumping into a task like this can be difficult. Simply remember the reward… it’s like adding a whole new
space to your home.

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