Simply the Best. It’s our Fortress of Solitude Package

Single Garage Door Price Range: $1491.87 to $3027.98
Double Garage Door Price Range: $1775.57 to $3605.84

The most comprehensive garage door package we offer provides Peace of Mind at a Superhero level. This involves a complete removal of the previous garage door system and replacement with top-quality equipment. The Fortress of Solitude package includes…

New Garage Door Panels (Standard, Traditional Style in non-woodgrain colors) for an updated look
New Whisper-Quiet Precision Garage Door Opener
• Super-Solid Track and Hardware
• Everlasting Nylon Rollers
• Never-Break Springs
• Silky-Smooth End & Center Bearings
• Aircraft Grade Cables
• Service Call, Removal, Installation, Labor and Taxes
As-Long-As-You-Own-Your-Home Warranty

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Why The Range In Price?

The difference is in the wide variety of Garage Door Panels available. Prices vary with the style, the level of insulation,
and whether or not you’d prefer windows in your new garage door. (Package prices include our standard, traditional panels styles in non-wood-grain colors)

Of course, double garage doors are more expensive…because they’re twice as big! The high range includes new garage door panels with the highest insulation value available, plus windows. Your price will not be more than that. The low range refers to
garage door panels without windows and only modest insulation value. Your complete installation package, including labor and taxes could be as low as that.

What if I’m upgrading from an older, contractor grade system?

Doesn’t matter. We’re replacing every single piece of equipment anyway. With our Bionic Garage Door Rebuild, we sometimes need to charge a little extra to upgrade from equipment that falls below today’s standard. Your new Fortress of Solitude system performs just like a brand-new install, because that’s exactly what it is. That’s why we include Precision’s As-Long-As-You-Own-Your-Home Warranty.

A complete new garage door system installed in one day?

While we may need to order your panels in (certain panel sizes, colors and style may be factory order and can take 1-5 weeks to arrive), your on-site removal and installation process takes less than one day. Leave for work in the morning; come home to a brand new garage.

What if I like my old door; I just want it to operate silently?

Then save some money and choose Precision’s Bionic Garage Door Rebuild.

Owners Scott & Shauna Kale

“If it’s worth fixing, it’s worth never fixing again.” -Scott Kale

“He’s talking about Precision’s As-long-as-you-own-your-home warranty.” -Shauna Kale

Want a New PDS Garage Door Opener Today?

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Owners Scott & Shauna Kale