Garage Door Hinges

Garage Door Hinge Replacement

When it comes to garage doors, small components are just as important as the larger ones – and garage door hinges are no exception!

These small but crucial components connect the panels of sectional garage doors and help them move smoothly along the track.

At Precision, we install high-quality garage door hinges to ensure your door operates quietly, smoothly, and safely.

Garage door hinges between panels

When Do Hinges Need to Be Replaced?

When properly maintained, garage door hinges can last for a long time – typically about 10 to 15 years, depending on how often the door is used. 

But, like all components, they’ll need to be replaced eventually. You’re likely to notice one or more of the following signs when your hinges are becoming worn out or damaged:

  • Excessive Noise like creaking, grinding, or squeaking sounds during operation.

  • Loose or wobbly door panels that may shift or stick when opening or closing

  • Visible signs of rust and corrosion like rust spots, discoloration, or flaking on the hinges

  • Difficulty opening or closing the door

  • Resistance, sticking, or uneven movement when the door is in use

Garage door panel repair services
  • Misalignment, visible gaps, or uneven spacing between door sections when closed

  • Noticeable wear and tear on the hinges like cracks, bends, or broken pieces

  • Frequent maintenance issues like needing to constantly tighten, align, or lubricate the door

Garage doors are large, heavy, moving objects that can be dangerous when their parts aren’t working correctly – even parts as small as hinges.

If your garage door is difficult to open, won’t open at all, or is stuck in the open position, it’s important to call a professional right away. 

Why Choose Precision?

Professional Precision technicians are trained to work with all garage door sizes, styles, and weights, and fix them using only the highest-quality replacement parts.

We Use

High-quality Precision garage door rollers

Our hinges use a thick, heavy-duty steel, which means no cracking or breaking.

They Use

Low-quality garage door rollers used by other companies

Other companies use lightweight steel causing them to be flimsy and break or snap more easily.

Press the button and we'll respond in nanoseconds.

We are licensed and insured to repair every make and model of garage door and opening systems. We carry all the tools and parts we need to repair your door, opener or remote today.

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