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Garage Door Roller Replacement in Virginia Beach

Despite their small size, rollers play an important role in the operation of a garage door by helping it move along the track.

When rollers are functioning correctly, the garage door operates smoothly. But, if the rollers aren’t working, the door may become stuck or hard to operate.

At Precision, we install high-quality garage door rollers to ensure your door operates quietly, smoothly, and safely.

Garage door rollers being replaced

When Do Rollers Need to Be Replaced?

Similar to other garage door components, rollers have a typical lifespan that can vary depending on the material and quality.

You’re likely to notice one or more of the following signs when your rollers are becoming worn out or damaged:

  • The garage door makes unusually loud noises during opening or closing
  • It becomes difficult (or even impossible) to open or close the garage door
  • The garage door no longer moves smoothly along the track, or has come off-track completely
  • The rollers show visible signs of wear like cracks, chips, or flat spots
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  • The garage door vibrates or shakes while in use
  • The garage door does not fully open or close
  • The garage door looks unbalanced, or like it’s sagging on one side

Garage doors are large, heavy, moving objects that can be dangerous when their parts aren’t working correctly – even parts as small as rollers. 

If your garage door is difficult to open, won’t open at all, or is stuck in the open position, it’s important to call a professional right away. 

Why Choose Precision?

Professional Precision technicians are trained to work with all garage door sizes, styles, and weights, and fix them using only the highest-quality replacement parts.

We Use

High-quality Precision garage door rollers

Precision uses dust-capped rollers that have a sealed 13-ball bearing, making them much quieter. They last far longer than other rollers and never need to be lubed.

They Use

Low-quality garage door rollers used by other companies

Other companies will use noisy rollers without a bearing, causing them to shake and wear down more quickly or even break prematurely.

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