Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Track Repair and Replacement

Garage door tracks are installed along both sides of your garage door to help guide its movement. They’re built to last and are typically made from heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum, but like all components, they can eventually wear out with repeated use.

Tracks play an important role in your garage door’s operation and should only be repaired or replaced by trained professionals.

At Precision, we repair and install high-quality garage door tracks to keep your door in great shape and working smoothly.

Close-up of garage door tracks

How Garage Door Tracks Help Your Door

When your tracks aren’t working properly, your garage door won’t work properly, either. They help support your door system in several ways, including:

  • Guiding the door – The tracks act as a pathway for the garage door, allowing it to move up and down smoothly.
  • Distributing the weight – Tracks help bear the weight of the garage door, ensuring it remains stable during operation.
  • Preventing misalignment – Properly aligned tracks prevent the door from becoming crooked or putting excess strain on the other components.


Signs You Need a Track Repair or Replacement

You’ll probably notice something is wrong with your tracks when your door has difficulty opening or closing or seems to get stuck in a specific spot. However, there are a few other things to look out for.

Visible signs of rust or corrosion may be present in malfunctioning garage door tracks. This is pretty common in areas with a lot of moisture in the air (especially near salt water). Regular garage door lubrication helps prevent rust.

Dents, cracks, or warping may cause your garage door to “catch” in a certain spot or not move beyond a certain point. 

A lopsided or unbalanced door may be a sign that your tracks are misaligned. Unbalanced doors can cause harm to your wntire garage door system.

Garage door track repair

Unusual squeaking, grinding, or banging sounds could mean your garage door is coming off-track.

Garage doors are large, heavy, moving objects that can be dangerous to try and repair on your own. If your garage door is difficult to open, won’t open at all, or is stuck in the open position, it’s important to call a professional right away. 

Professional Garage Door Repair Services

If you’re uncertain about the cause of your garage door troubles, Precision can help! Our professional technicians are trained to identify and resolve problems with all garage door tracks, regardless of the size, weight, or style of the door.

We perform a 25-point safety inspection before beginning any work, then provide repair recommendations that prioritize safety, cost-effectiveness, and overall value to you and your home.


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