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Kind of looks like the pieces to a puzzle, doesn’t it? Well… these are actually pieces to a guitar that Scott, #ThatGuyYouHearOnTheRadio, used during his guitar building process.  Scott isn’t just about using “Precision” in how he handles garage doors; he is an experienced and talented woodworker. Whether he builds guitars, tables or benches… he applies precision to each and every piece he works on.


The first guitar that Scott built was in February of 2016 when he built a beautiful electric guitar. The electric guitar started off as a chunk of white oak that he had in his garage, waiting for just the right project. Scott spent hours watching YouTube videos on how to build an electric guitar, went into his workshop and started his project. He used the expertise Ross & Walter from Alpha Music provided and … VOILA! His first guitar was built. Scott says the most surprising thing about the process… how great the guitar played and sounded!



Then, in 2017 he decided to take on a more difficult project.. an acoustic guitar. Scott decided to take a three day class at Woodcraft in Norfolk that would put him on the path to building an amazing acoustic guitar. Something important to take note of… the average guitar, for a first time build, takes around 200 hours from start to finish (WOW!). Scott built and shaped the neck, made the fingerboard, did all of the shaping, frets and inlay work. He cut the top, shaped and chiseled the bracing. He put on the binding and purling after gluing it all together. Many, many hours were spent sanding and finishing it before he put it together & set it up to play. Finally, he added the electronic pickup. Truly a project that required dedication and precision.


Scott has had a long history of woodworking. In 2015 he had a vision he wanted to bring to fruition… one of a coffee table that would look like an aerial view of a river basin. After finding the right pieces of cedar, he built the table. He used the wood along with rocks to create the table top he pictured and covered it with clear glaze. Using the very same determination, vision and precision that he applies to his business, he has built a variety of pieces. Each and every piece shows the craftsmanship, dedication and skill involved. Be sure to watch for more blog mentions of some of the woodworking projects!


Wondering what Scott will do with those guitars he makes? He’ll play them, of course! 

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