Like Family

At Precision Garage Door #WeBelieve in hiring people we trust like family. We are often asked… if you find people you believe are like family, how do you keep them? It’s simple…


We provide a fantastic education to our employees. Our Employees receive top notch training on all things garage door. They are extensively trained in how to be customer focused. Our employees are trained and when the time is right, we provide them with the opportunity to become IDEA Certified.


Precision Garage Door provides benefits that include holiday pay, vacation pay, sick time, health and dental insurance, a  life insurance policy (the company pays 100% of this policy!)), a retirement plan and so much more!


We strive to ensure that the culture at Precision Garage Door is focused on the customer… but on the employees as well. With an annual Christmas party, multiple cook-outs throughout the year and, quite simply, a happy and open environment – our employees know we care about them. And keeping them happy helps keep them in the family!

At Precision Garage Door we know that happy employees will lead to happy customers. #WeBelieve in being the nicest people you meet today!

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