How to Make Your Garage Eco-Friendly

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If the environment is important to you and you want to make your home as eco-friendly as possible, then you might be thinking of ways to make your garage go green. And we are to help! We put together a quick list of tips that will help your garage prevent loss of energy, limit excess use of resources, and be a little friendlier to the environment in the process.

  • The first step is an easy and obvious one: lighting. Just by replacing the light bulbs in your garage with LED or other energy efficient bulbs, you are making a difference. LED lights are usually recommended for garages because are resistant to cold, don’t flicker like other bulbs, and tend to last much longer.
  • Another thing that may seem obvious but many people don’t think about is the second fridge that is often kept in the garage. People often forget that old fridges consume a lot more energy than modern ones and cost you more in the process. By upgrading your fridge, you will save money in the long run with your energy bill and make your home that much greener.
  • You’ve probably heard about insulation over and over again but we have to recommend that you give your garage the proper insulation as well as air sealing and weatherization. It is important to prevent drafts in the garage by sealing up all gaps and spaces and reduce your energy bill by properly insulating it. When heat is able to sneak in or out of the home, your AC or heat unit has to work extra hard to keep your house at a stable temperature, which costs you more money and uses up more and more energy.
  • And speaking of insulation, keep in mind that the garage door is often the biggest culprit in energy loss. If you are still holding onto your old garage door, it might be wasting more energy and thus more money than you realize. So do yourself and the environment a favor by upgrading your old garage door for a newer insulated one that will lower your home’s energy consumption.

The environment and your wallet will thank you when you upgrade your garage to be more eco-friendly. And if you ever decide to upgrade your garage door, remember to call the garage experts at Precision Garage Door today!

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