More Superheroes!

Precision Garage Door Service

At Precision Garage Door we do everything we can to ensure that our superhero team is prepared to take care of you. One way we do that? By ensuring that we have enough Superheroes and enough people to support them on our team.

With so many garage door monsters on the loose, we knew it was time to bring more superheros into the fight. And with more superheroes comes a greater need to provide them with the support they need. We have three new superheroes and one new member of the support team to tell you about.

Providing support to the superheroes is incredibly important. Thankfully, we added Mary to the team! With a strong background in providing support, Mary has proven to be a great addition to the office staff. She has already contributed the great idea of making custom candy wrappers…she even won a free lunch on the radio for the office! Mary fit in perfectly with Shauna, and Shirley and has certainly helped ensure that our superheroes are never without the support they need.

The garage door monsters have been showing themselves in the Richmond area, so we did what we knew was right and added a superhero! Bill has been an amazing addition to the Richmond Team. Bill was a stay at home dad for quite a while – and we all know that takes more superhero power than almost anything. He has volunteered as an athletic director as well. Bill isn’t your standard superhero though… he just happens to be a balloon artist as well!!

Hampton Roads, both southside & peninsula, have seen an increase in garage door monsters as well. Precision has added a new superhero to the Hampton Roads team. James.

James came to Precision with almost two decades of being an auto mechanic under his belt. He also served as a superhero on a different level – he was law enforcement for 7 years! Now, when James isn’t fighting garage door monsters, he spends his time as an amateur gunsmith or finding a piece of furniture that needs to be refinished.

Precision Garage Door believes in hiring people we trust like family. We believe in taking care of our family – even if it means sitting by their hospital bed. We trust in our new team members. If you think you would like to become a Superhero, be sure to apply!

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