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Perhaps you recall where we told you all about the acoustic guitar that Scott built. ( If not, here you go: )

Well, here is Scott playing that gorgeous guitar, singing some Johnny Cash:

But that isn’t all… there is a new guitar that has been built… This time the idea started off as a desire to do some woodcarving. That idea developed into the more defined thought of carving something onto a guitar he could build.

Once that was determined, Scott set about finding what he wanted to draw onto the body of the guitar, and eventually carve in. 

Scott decided to find an eagle he wanted to use. Looking at a photo, he drew (freehand!) what he would soon begin to carve into the basswood body of the guitar.

With basswood, maple and rosewood being put to use, this was destined to be a nice looking instrument. Once the carving began – it was destined to become so much more.

As he started to carve, the design developed… the details of the eagle were soon ingrained in the wood. As he carved the eagle, he began to plan out the rest of the guitar… what would go with the eagle?  The American Flag, of course. So with that, Scott continued to carve the eagle… and then came the American Flag the eagle would be coming through.






But the flag wasn’t all. While carving, he had a conversation with his son, Aidan, a local student who happens to be a local musician as well. At Aidan’s recommendation, he made the Volume and Tone knobs out of cork, adding that special little touch. But he really wasn’t done just yet… he wanted one more unique item. And so he carved the feathers at the top of the neck.

The guitar has been stained, it’s had many parts installed.He created the pick guard by making it custom from 3 layers of maple and one sheet of black walnut sandwiched in – giving it a dark stripe around the edge. He glued them together and cut the shape. It is a gorgeous instrument.

This guitar is almost 100% complete and when it is, we’ll post a video of Scott playing it.










Scott plans on finishing this guitar and using while playing in his bands The Gray Riders and OldPlay, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!


Watch for more on the finished product!

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