Precision Stays When Things Get a Little… Twisted.

Precision Garage Door Service

The day was bright & sunny. Garth and Bill had absolutely no idea what would transpire.

Through sheer circumstance, they arrived at their customers home a bit early. it may have been fate, ensuring that they were at the Roe family home on this particular day at this particular time.

They arrived and spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Roe about the garage door. They inspected the door, obtained approval from for some repairs and began to work. As they were working, Mr. and Mrs. Roe let Garth and Bill know that there was a tornado watch and that they would keep an eye on it. As Garth and Bill worked to complete the repairs on the Roe garage door, Mr. Roe ran into the garage and told them to get in the house right away. The tornado was coming up through the back yard! As quickly as they were all in a safe space within the home, the tornado had passed.

As they walked outside they could see the path the tornado had taken, leaving destruction behind. Garth and Bill immediately jumped into action, grabbed their battery operated Sawzalls and started going at the trees that had come down on the driveway. They stayed, ensuring that they were able to clear as much debris as possible for the Roe family.

When asked his thoughts on what happened, Mr. Roe stated, “Garth and Bill were terrific. They just hacked away, they did what they needed to do to get us out.”

Garth and Bill stayed and did something that truly shows how Precision feels – they put the customer and the customers needs first. Thank you Garth and Bill for taking care of the Precision customers!


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