Seen and Not Heard

We believe that garage doors should be seen and not heard.


You are probably asking yourself what that means. How can something as large as a garage door open and be ultra-quiet? No worries! We have the answer for you.

Let’s start by talking about the rollers on your garage door. The rollers are the “wheels” that ride up and down the track. Most people have metal rollers on their garage door. What exactly does that mean? It means that metal rollers riding up and down a metal track will most certainly make noise. When those rollers are replaced with high quality nylon rollers your door will immediately become far more quiet. The cables and pulleys that help move your door up and down? They may not be lubricated, again creating a metal on metal situation that contributes to the noise. We believe that providing high quality cables, pulleys and springs that are properly lubricated will help further silence the doors (just be sure to lubricate multiple times throughout the year!).

Finally, there is the garage door opener. Many people do not realize that the opener is a separate mechanism. The opener that you have may be quite old and it is likely a chain drive. Replacing it with our PDS800. The PDS800 has a belt drive, which immediately removes noise. The motor is the quietest one on the market!

We have a bonus for you with these products.. Our garage doors come with our “As Long As You Own Your Home” Warranty. What does that mean? Exactly what it says. And that is because we believe your garage door should work perfectly as long as you own your home.

Learn more about our As Long As You Own Your Home warranty here:

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