Signs That Tell You It’s Time for a New Garage Door

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Things have a way of telling us when they are getting old and might need replacing. Everything in your house shows wear and tear eventually and you often take the time to update furniture, appliances, and everyday objects. So we are here to remind you that you should include your garage door on your list of things that won’t last forever and are worth replacing when they break down. And just in case you aren’t quite sure how to tell if you are in need of a new one, we put together a quick list of the signs to look out for.

An obvious difference between a new door and an old one is the noise. If the noise your door makes sounds like it is straining to move, then it either needs to be repaired or replaced. Over years of use, all the parts of the door have been lifting a lot of weight and are used to a lot of tension so when you start to hear them while in motion, it’s often the sign of a problem. You can call a professional technician who can easily come to inspect your door. If it isn’t that old, then it might be a fixable problem. But the technician might also advise a replacement if the problem will continue to get worse over time.

You might be able to not just hear the age of your garage door but also see it. If your door is showing damage, like scratches and dents, then we recommend replacing your door for two reasons. The first is purely for your homes curb appeal. You can greatly increase the value of your home and its overall curb appeal with a new garage door that is both stylish and durable. It is known for being a great investment for your property. And the second reason is for function and safety. When the door gets damaged, even it just seems like it is surface level, it could damage parts of the door that help open and close it and could even make the door dangerous to operate.

If you are looking at your energy bill and it seems higher than usual, it might be your old garage door that is the problem. Older garage doors, models without built in insulation or a door that doesn’t have the right amount of insulation for your particular climate might be letting the outside temperatures in. Your heater or AC unit might be working harder than usual to keep your house at a stable temperature and your garage is wasting energy and your money by letting air flow in and out. So save your money, save some energy, and keep your home more comfortable with a brand new garage door with has the best of modern insulation.

If your garage door works perfectly, then there is no need to replace it. But if it is damaged, noisy, rusty, or even out of style and dated, then any professional would tell you it is time to invest your money in a new door. It is really a win win purchase. Your new garage door will run smoothly and quietly, be safer for you and the family, save you money on your energy bill, and make the exterior of your home look far better. And when it comes to time to choose your new door, let the experts at Precision Garage Door be the ones to help you, we will answer your call 24/7!

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