Are you ready to take your garage to the next level?

When you asked for an automatic opener with a better lighting system and Wi-Fi capabilities, we heard you!

With a patent-pending design, the PDS Ultra 900 opener provides a 24-foot wide diameter of downward-dispersing LED light that brightly illuminates your garage. That isn’t all we did – this light is adjustable and has six different brightness levels allowing you to select your preferred workspace light setting. It’s a beacon of light in your garage!

The PDS Ultra 900 takes Wi-Fi to a different level. Not only is there Wi-Fi built in, allowing you to control the doors and lights from your smart device, no matter where you are, it also gives you the ability to provide access to friends, family, caretakers or service workers. You can revoke the access at any time as well!

Precision didn’t stop there. We decided you needed just a bit more to make it as convenient and easy as possible. The PDS Ultra 900 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Imagine your hands being full with groceries, kids or work files… you walk into your home and simply tell Alexa or Google to shut your door. Does it get any more simple than that?

And of course, the PDS Ultra 900 comes with the Precision Garage Door As Long As You Own Your Home Warranty.

Call us today to have one of our Superheroes swoop in and install your

new beacon of light and convenience!