Most people assume that their garage door is SUPPOSED to be noisy. That there is no escape from the rattle of the chain on the opener or the rumble of the rollers moving along the track. Not true! Let’s talk about how you can help make your home quiet down.

Your Opener

First let’s talk about your automatic opener. There are three types of openers… Chain, Screw and Belt drive.

Chain belts have typically been the most common type. They rely on a chain that is similar to a bicycle chain to operate the trolley. This particular style can be quite noisy. The majority of home have this and assume that the rattle of that chain is what is needed to open the door.

Screw Drive openers are quite different from both Chain & Belt drives. The trolley rides on a threaded steel rod that rotates. This style requires heavy lubrication and is also known for excessive noise.

Belt Drive openers… this is where we get into the good stuff! Belt drive openers can be considered the Cadillac version of openers.  They use a belt as opposed to a chain to move the door. The belt eliminates the rattle of the chain and creates an ultra-quiet opener.

We offer the PDS800. Our opener is a DC Motor, ultra quiet AND it comes with a limited lifetime warranty! You simply cannot beat it. Be sure to look at the video we’ve shared below to see why you’ll want it for your home.

Your Door

Your opener isn’t the only player in the quiet game. Your door may need a few loving touches to help you achieve that ultra-quiet effect as well.

The first step is ensuring that your door is being lubricated. You wouldn’t drive your car for years without an oil change, so why do it to your garage door? Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication!

The next step is looking at your rollers. The rollers move up and down the track…if they are metal, they will make noise. However…if you have upgraded to the nylon rollers – well, here comes that quiet door you’ve been wanting all along!

What Now?

The best way to determine what you need? Call an expert. Let an expert show you how you can quiet your garage door.

Just for being you… we will offer you a

Quieting & Reconditioning special

$187 we will provide maintenance, lubrication, and new nylon rollers.

This special has an actual value of $324. Don’t miss out! CALL TODAY. 

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