The Bionic Champion – James Bordwine

Precision Garage Door Service

Precision Garage Door wants each and every customer to have the Precision Bionic Experience. What does that mean? That means that from the moment you call in until the moment we leave your home, we want you to have an experience that lets you know how much we care.

The Precision Technicians.. our Superheroes… know that they play a key role in providing this experience. Each month, a group of technicians (The Customer Experience Team) looks over surveys and reviews and determines who should be “The Bionic Champion”.

This month it was awarded to James in our Virginia Beach office for the month of January. James has consistently provided service to our customers that has resulted in fantastic feedback. We love knowing that our superhero technicians are out there striving to make homes throughout Virginia safe from the Garage Door Monster.

Congratulations James on being The Bionic Champion!

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