The Bionic Champion – Mike Morris

Each month a select group of our Superheroes work to select a peer who has exceeded expectations. A fellow Superhero who has truly saved the day with the customers! That Superhero is then awarded our Bionic Champion Belt.

Mike Morris was chosen as our most recent Bionic Champion. Mike was chosen because of his work ethic and the reviews submitted by our customers. It is obvious to anyone who knows Mike that he does his best to exceed expectations. He does his best to make everyone happy! When asked what drives him to provide such top quality service he replied, “I want to treat the custoemrs as I would like to be treated if I called them for a service they provided. I also try to get to know the person so that if I need to come back to their house for something there is a standing relationship there so it’s less business and more friendly.”

Thank you, Mike. Thank you for all you do with and for Precision Garage Door!

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