This Is Why

Being the life of the party… should have been your career!

You never liked a desk-job. Boring, Monotonous, no room for your personality. You’re so dependable, honest and hardworking, you get your work done early, figure stuff out for others and love to make everyone happy. Sound familiar?

I’ll bet some bosses have even complained that you talk too much, or bother other people when they’re trying to work. Get this. We LOVE that about you!

Tired of having a manager hovering overhead telling you which way to tie your shoes? When you work here, that’ll never happen. Your boss is literally miles away. You know how to figure stuff out and solve problems on the fly. You don’t need us buzzing around you all day. Heck we’re going to give you your own truck you can take home with you. That’s how much we trust our people.

We’re Precision Garage Door of Virginia
Not a garage door technician? Don’t worry. We can teach you that. What we can’t teach is how to be positive, outgoing and able to make friends easily. That takes a natural. It’s why they always ask you to be the MC at weddings. Now, let’s turn that gift into a career!

You’ll be working independently, but it’s not like you’ll be alone. Your job is to be the nicest person your customer meets all day. It just happens to be that their garage door problem is what matters the most this very second. So that’s what you’re going to fix. When you’re a garage door tech you have one job: Solve the customer’s problem and make their day. Okay, that’s two jobs. But the second one’s easy for someone like you.

Our techs make good money. Top guys earn $65K. You’ll probably start around $45K. But that’s nothing to sneeze at. And we offer benefits, health, dental, accident, retirement, life insurance. The whole deal. We treat our team members like family. And we take care of our family.

Former military? Now we like you even more!

Why you’re perfect for this job:
Attention to detail! Our garage door superheroes solve virtually every problem in one visit. That means you have to notice the small things. For example, there’s an email address at the bottom of this ad that’s completely bogus. Goes nowhere. Ignore that. The ones who only skim this ad go directly to the e-trash-can. But you, the one who reads every word, will send your message to [email protected]. That’s the real email address. Nearly everyone will screw this up. But not you. Cool, huh? (SHHHH…you can also apply at

What’s okay?
• Being talkative. Librarians need not apply.
• Love to meet new people. If you’re anxious in social
settings, you won’t love this job.
• Enjoy a challenge. Every garage door is different. We’ll
make you an expert in this unique field.

• Independent thinker. Our best techs are figure-it-out-people not rule-following drones with no original thoughts.
• Need a schedule that’s outside the 9-5 box. Some of our guys start early, start late, work weekends, on-call
shifts. If your life needs a schedule that’s not exactly typical, we can work with that. Family, remember?

What’s not a good fit?
• Negative attitude. Sorry, Oscar. Mr. Grouchy-pants has no place here. Go work for the DMV.
• Texting and driving. That’s a deal-breaker. We’re not kidding. If you do that, you can’t work here.
• Lying. Instant exit pass.
• Taking advantage of anyone. We never knew you.

If you know the meaning of honoring others and yourself, while keeping it fun, we know you’re our kind of people. Are we your kind of people? 

Send your Resume and Cover letter to [email protected] We can’t wait to give it all the consideration it deserves!

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