Tis The Season

Precision Garage Door is a very socially conscious company. Whether we contribute to the local community by providing for our employees or by being involved in events like the S.U.D.S fundraiser we recently sponsored; being there for the veterans and children of the community is very very important to us.


Each year we ask the Salvation Army for stockings that are pre-assigned to boys and girls of various age groups. The employees and owners of the company take part in filling up the stockings, providing joy to local children in the area. Our stockings often include Toothbrushes, Shampoo/Conditioner, Matchbox Cars, Puzzles, A Diary, card games, etc.. It is truly our pleasure to know that there are children who will not go without.


Precision Garage Door doesn’t stop there. The owners of the company hold an incredible holiday party each year. They don’t just throw a party though! They offer their employees a choice of an UBER ride that they will pay for or a hotel room so that they can simply sleep there and not worry about getting home. Ensuring that their employees are safe while celebrating is just another way that the owners (Scott & Shauna) show how much they care.


You may have heard about them on the radio… with their new radio commercial, the owners of Precision Garage Door are really putting themselves out there! But fear not, if you haven’t heard them yet and listened to Scott sing the “As Long As You Own Your Home Warranty” song, you will. We are going to have a singing contest at the holiday party this year…and you will be able to hear so many of the technicians sing. Have no fear, we will be posting those here.


Enjoy your holiday!

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