US Military Testing And Your Garage Door Opener

Precision Garage Door Service

Living in Hampton Roads is amazing. Each and every day we are reminded of the hard working and committed men and women who serve and protect our nation. We live in an area that allows us to see freedom flying above our heads, we see the blue angels more often than most, and we have every opportunity to give our service men and women our thanks.

While It is amazing… living near a base can also cause some problems. Oftentimes the jets fly overhead while we are watching our favorite television show or we might realize how crowded the grocery stores are on the 1st and 15th (military payday!). But one other minor inconvenience comes to mind. This time last year we once again experienced a large number of people with the remote control for their automatic opener not working. Well, it’s that time again.

The military performs drills and training that often send out signals that interfere with the frequency ranges that garage door remotes work on. How can we fix it? We can’t. What we can do is wait until the testing is completed and then, if there is anyone who is still having problems, we can address it at that time. That sounds like a quick & easy way out, but unfortunately, it is true.

It is very important to note that this is not just happening to Precision Garage Door openers. This happens to any manufacturer, installed by any company. While it might happen to you but not your neighbor, they may simply be on a different frequency – and  it might be your neighbors turn to lose it next year.

Here is Scott Kale, the President & Owner of Precision Garage Doors, giving a great explanation of what occurs to your remotes during these tests:


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