At Precision Garage Door we know it is important for you, our customer, to know what we believe in. Here are some of the things We Believe…

We Believe

…that garage doors should be seen, not heard.

…in unbreakable springs.

…in whispering garage door openers.

…in only using everlasting nylon rollers.

…a repair should take one visit.

…in looking like the Precision team that we are.

…that our professionally trained technicians are better than handymen.

…in being the nicest people you meet today.

…in hiring people we trust like family.

…in taking care of our family- even if it means sitting by their hospital bed.

…in repairing the door the day you call.

…that includes nights and weekends and holidays.

…there is no original garage door we can’t make better.

…your garage door should work perfectly as long as you own your home.

…in doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

Owners Scott & Shauna Kale

“If it’s worth fixing, it’s worth never fixing again.” -Scott Kale

“He’s talking about Precision’s As-long-as-you-own-your-home warranty.” -Shauna Kale

Want a New PDS Garage Door Opener Today?

Every Precision truck has one, in the box, ready to install right now.

Owners Scott & Shauna Kale