Being a Superhero To The Foodbank… Not Just Us. You Too!

It is normally around Thanksgiving when you hear about food drives for the local food banks. Not any more. Precision Garage Door has decided that with summer upon us – a time when donations are down, children are not in school to receive a free or subsidized lunch – we want to help.  And you can help too.

Some Facts on why NOW is the time to donate to the SEVA Foodbank:

– The Foodbank serves 11 cities and counties in Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore

– Over 171,000 children, adults, and seniors in our service area are food-insecure, meaning they don’t always know how or where they will get their next meal

– The Foodbank distributes 15 million meals annually

– The cost of a full, nutritious meal is just 35 cents

– They can take a $10 donation and provide $60 worth of groceries

–  89,444 kids in our service area that are eligible for free and reduced-priced breakfast and lunch during the school year will be turning to the Foodbank to fill the gap. And while the Foodbank experiences an increase in need, the summer is a slow time of year for donations.

Each PDS motor (The PDS800) sale will contribute $5.00 to the SEVA Foodbank ( ). This donation provides 14 meals to families throughout Southeastern Virginia. Imagine.. 14 meals for only $5.00! Our goal is to provide as many meals as possible in June, July and August.

Call us for your Opener Estimate today. Be a Superhero!

Donations can be made direct to the foodbank at:

Call 757-399-7500

CALL 24/7
(757) 399-7500