Garage Door Opener and Remote-Control Repairs

Garage Door Opener and Remote-Control Repairs

Replacement should
only be a last-resort

Our IDEA Certified Garage Door Technicians are specialists, not handy-men. We’re trained to repair all makes and models of residential and commercial garage door openers. Our experts regularly repair garage door openers from Sears, Liftmaster, Linear, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie and many others. Services include:


  • Diagnosis of your garage door opener problem
  • Broken or Malfunctioning Remote
  • Noisy Operation
  • Rough Running
  • Worn Cables or Tired Springs
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • Proper calibration – for safety and long-life
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Call Precision before you decide to replace your Garage Door Opener. We can of-ten bring older systems back to life again.

We are licensed and insured to repair every make and model of garage door and opening systems. We carry all the tools and parts we need to repair your door today.

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Naomi Chappell
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Garage Door Opener Repair is not for amateurs

Your garage door system is the largest and heaviest moving part in your home. They can typically include massive springs, chains, screws or belts that carry loads of several hundred pounds. If you have not been professionally trained as a Master Garage Door Technician, you run the risk of serious injury or worse, from just a tiny mistake. Precision is fully insured, licensed and trained for every aspect of Garage Door Opener repair.

Nearly any problem can be repaired

Before you give up on your existing garage door opener system, let Precision quote on a repair. Our IDEA Certified Garage Door Service Technicians are qualified to repair nearly any problem with your Garage Door Opener. But there are a few exceptions:


  • Openers made before 1993
    This equipment lacks the safety features we expect today
  • Openers without photo electric eyes
    This technology prevents the door from closing when people, pets or objects are in the door’s path
  • Openers that have been recalled
    For safety reasons we will not work on recalled equipment
  • Openers that have been discontinued
    If parts are no longer available we cannot repair these openers

We Repair All Types of Garage Door Opener Systems

  • Belt Drive Openers
    A fiber-reinforced belt connects the opener with the trolley, moving the door up and down. Belt-drive garage door openers offer the best balance of performance, durability, quiet operation and value for your dollar. This is why Precision specs belt-drive openers for new installations.
  • Screw Drive Openers
    A lifting mechanism moves along a threaded rod or plastic-lined track to move the garage door up and down. While these openers are low-maintenance, they are typically slower to operate, and significantly noisier than belt-drive models.
  • Direct Drive Openers
    The motor itself, connected directly to the door, moves along a stationary chain which guides the garage door up and down. More expensive than other options, this system has high reliability because it has only one moving part.
  • Jackshaft Drive Openers
    These models mount on the wall next to the door, rather than on the ceiling like other garage door opener systems. While Jackshaft openers are ideal for situations where overhead clearance is an issue, they are significantly more expensive than other systems.
  • Chain Drive Openers
    A metal chain pulls a trolley to move the garage door up and down. Chain-drive is the most common type of garage door opener. They are typically the lowest-cost option, but they are considered noisy and shorter-lived than other types of garage door opener systems.

“Rob S was amazing! He was prompt, professional and most of all, honest.”
Tami Aloisa
– Hampton Roads customer

Remote Control & Wall Button Repair

Many Garage Door Opener problems can be traced to a malfunctioning remote. Repairing or replacing these components are much more cost-effective compared to replacing the opener itself. Your Precision Garage Door Technician can help with reprogramming or replacement of a failed remote.

    Your garage door – it just has to work.

    Many homeowners use their garage door as their main entrance. So we respond with fast repair service to keep your family safe and secure.

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