What is a Hung Door?


It looks like you need a Garage Door Superhero!

Don’t worry – we have PrecisionSuperheroes who are ready to swoop in and fix that garage door.

We don’t just fix it… we fix it right. The first time.

When a door comes off track and looks like this, we call it a “Hung Door”. A “Hung Door” can be caused by a variety of issues. Some of the most common issues we see are:

  • Closing the door while an object is in the way (Bucket, Tricycle, Shovel, etc..)
  • Something getting in the track (Rake that slid over, tennis ball that rolled into the track, etc..)
  • End Bearing Seizing Up
  • Spring Loses Tension
  • Broken Hinges or Rollers (Anything that can make the door crooked)

When a customer has a “hung door” due to something like a rake that slid into the track or closing the door on a bucket, it is often a simple repair that we call a “Hung Door” repair. This service is $215.00* and consists of us putting the door back on track and resetting the cables.Whether 2 rollers or 10 rollers popped out, it is still covered under the $215*. However – if the springs lost tension, the hinges or rollers were broken, or perhaps if the panels were damaged in the fall, there may be additional charges. That is something a garage door expert should determine.

Have No Fear! Precision is Here! Whether you are just dealing with a “Hung Door” or need to fully replace your garage door or opener – Precision Garage Door is here for you.

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*A service call of $65 is also charged in addition to the services.

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